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Author Archives: daniel

The parking lot

So for the last night of our vacation we slept on a parking lot. It was a big one, right next to a freeway. The parking lot was full of truck and empty of people, so it was still fairly quiet there, except for the passing cars. This doesn’t sound all that spectacular, of course, … Continue reading »

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The river

So we’ve been hanging out at this campsite in southern France for a couple of days now (I’ve been told anything south of Lyon is “southern France”) and it’s been good. So good in fact, there’s no reason to turn on the phone or any such thing, just hanging out doing nothing (offline, as opposed … Continue reading »

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Here’s a picture of our own Spacebug. A Volkswagen Transporter California Westfalia Rullgardina Efraimsdotter, which we have yet to name properly. It’s a van, but we mostly refer to it as “the bus”.

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Hacking the bus

We have a new travel companion, a green bug, which we bought last year. It is Volkswagen California van from ’94 and it’s a great roadtripping device. We took it on a few spibs last year as well, but due to unforeseen circustances (me ending up in hospitals in both Germany and France), I didn’t … Continue reading »

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Road movie

A video from our roadtrip in California in September

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GORMAN, CA (on the I-5) – We’re headed north to Sequoia/Kings Canyon national park and have stopped for the night. As it’s dark outside, we’re not really sure where we are. There was a sign saying Gorman when we pulled off, indicating some kind of town, but all we’ve seen are a couple of gas … Continue reading »

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Good habit

CAYUCOS, CA – Big Sur may very well have been the ultimate coastal drive. All in all you could do it a few hours, but there are so many vista points you want to stop at, so it takes a while longer than the sat nav suggests (not that you need sat nav there; there’s … Continue reading »

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Highway 1 revisited

CAYUCOS, CA – It appears Top Gear got it wrong when they named the winding roads of the Stelvio the best highway in the world. I think Highway 1 along Big Sur beats that, thanks to having the ocean next to it. A great drive with stunning views. Just turn up Hootie and the blowfish … Continue reading »

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I am the highway

MONTEREY, CA – So, one week in and no burgers yet, you think? We did hit Burger Kimng the other night, but that doesn’t really count. There haven’t actually been any good oppurtunities so far. (Except for this one place on Cannery Row we wanted to try tonight. But they couldn’t microwave Little Big Lina’s … Continue reading »

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