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Good habit

Posted by on 2013/09/09

CAYUCOS, CA – Big Sur may very well have been the ultimate coastal drive. All in all you could do it a few hours, but there are so many vista points you want to stop at, so it takes a while longer than the sat nav suggests (not that you need sat nav there; there’s just the one road). Add in a couple of shorter walks/hikes and some longer stops at beaches and we ended up spending the better part of two days there, heading back up to our Monterey motel for the night in between. The beach in Carmel (Clint-town, perhaps not officially Big Sur), was perhaps the prettiest we were on. Lina played in the giant sandbox and Helga spotted two dolphins swimming by.
Many of the sights in Big Sur (which is an “experience” rather than a place) are hard to describe, so I’ll post some photos later, but here’s a summary: the roads are winding, the bends are everywhere, the redwoods are tall and provide welcome shade, the beaches are generally very pretty and completely off limits for anyone but the owner, and sometimes the cold fog rolls in from the sea blocking all views and creating an illusion of flying with the car. Like I said: photos coming up.

South of Big Sur lies a coastal town called Cayucos, where we again met up with our Califonian hosts. They’d rented a condo there which we could share with them. Cayucos was overcast today, so together we went a bit further south to a farm where the kids could pet and feed various animals. Lina is getting really good at animal sounds now, which provide for great entertainment in the car as well. And last night (she was awake until after 11pm, all excited from seeing our friends kids again), before collapsing across Helga’s legs on the bed, her last words were “quack, quack, quack”!

To finish off a great family outing, our friends took us to The Habit, a local burger franchise. We made a big order for the two families. The good thing about ordering together is that you can choose many different sides and then share them all. We had regular fries (really good ones!), sweet potato fries (really greater ones, especially with a bit of ranch dressing, which was supposed to go on the garden sallad, another side) and onion rings (best ever! A special batter, with crumbles I really enjoyed. We ended up ordering more as we got a second round of burgers). The burgers were also really good: fresh and made to order. The kids also enjoyed the place as they could drink a much ice water with a straw as they could manage and Lina got her first taste of sweet potato fries (she had seconds of that as well!).

All the kids arw asleep so now it’s time for some local pale ale!

One Response to Good habit

  1. Inge

    Wij hebben ook hele mooie en bijzondere herinneringen aan Big Sur. Enjoy!

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