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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Burguer Time

Where: Brown’s Coffee Shop, Lisbon Burger: the Classic Burguer, but without cheese. It was juicy, bordering under-cooked. The juiciness makes for the dull taste of the bread, which really ought to have been toasted. The superfresh lettuce and the fried onions deserve a special mention as they add a lot of flavour. All in all, a … Continue reading »

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Pasteis de Belém

On this sunny Sunday, we took the train to Belém, which is located almost in the middle inbetween Cascais en Lisbon. Belém is mainly famous for two things: pastries and a tower. We sampled both, of course. We bought some Pasteis de Belém and then we headed to the Starbucks next door for refreshing drinks … Continue reading »

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Portugal day… who’s counting anyway? It’s vacation!

I just ran to the most western point of mainland Europe. After that, I had to cool down in the swimming pool. The same pool where we spent most of our afternoon and Lina has been practicing  both backstroke and breaststroke. Now it’s time for sushi.

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We went on a very bumpy busride to Sintra today. Even though the breaks were engaged on Lina’s stroller, the wheels kept sliding across the floor when the, rather reckless, driver took those hairpin curves at maximum speed. We passed the Circuito do Estoril and I think the driver got inspired by that. In Sintra we … Continue reading »

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Lost in Translação

Today we discovered the reception here in the building had been holding a package for us for a couple of days. Apparently they didn’t understand us when we asked if it had arrived yet. The third time we asked though, the guy there actually bothered to look if there was something in the mailbox et … Continue reading »

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After our long day yesterday, we decided to take it a bit slower today. We enjoyed some of the best parts of Portuguese and Swedish culture: the fika

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Lisboa: 3rd time/1st time

For me it’s the 3rd time in Lisbon (Euro 2004 being the 1st) and for Helga and (well, obviously) Lina it was the first time. Today we mainly stuck to the lower parts, Baixa, but we did actually push the stroller up some hills in Alfama and Chiado/Barrio Alto, even though the sidewalks aren’t really inviting … Continue reading »

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We hung out by the pool in the morning and in the evening we went for a run. Running by the sea is the best and running with Lina in the stroller is extra fun and draws a lot of attention. It was a hot day,  but it cooled off nicely in the evening.

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Portugal day 2

We walked along the sea into Cascais. The view is great and we decided we want to live by the sea. Our main goal today was to check out the surroundings. We managed to find a nice park with lots of restaurants and cafés just across the street. Then we tried out the swimming pool. … Continue reading »

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